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In terms of health issues women and men are not just the same. Commonly men and women shares a lot similar diseases, but women’s have their critical health problems that should be cured with special consideration. Women’s way of living has been changed over the centuries. If we observe this historically, in old times life was particularly painful for most of the women. Beside from the numerous dangers and diseases, women’s were tends to became wives and mothers at those ages when they were just emerging from the childhood. Today many women’s have a pain in their inner self of being harassed, or being used which may or may not have been wanted. At that time, being pregnant for a girl of an age of 15 itself was risky and not infrequently, that can usually led to the death of the mother. Most women in the earlier time did not live long enough to be concerned about PMS or menstruation problems.

Common diseases in women

Reproductive health problems:

Physical and hormonal reproduction complications are responsible for a lot of health issues for women all over the world. Beside this problem unsafe physical relation is a major risk factor which can affect reproduction ability particularly among illiterate women and girls.

Maternal health issues:

lots of women going dead in absence of proper medical treatment during pregnancy and childbirth in village and outskirt areas. Most of these deaths could have been prevented, if they will have known about family planning and other birth planning programs conducted by the government.

Other diseases:

There are lots of unique health issues including pregnancy, menopause, and vary conditions depends on the female origins. By getting early and regular healthcare, Women can have a healthy pregnancy. They should also get recommended for a good cure therapy for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other diseases.

Women and men have lots of similar health conditions. But these problems can affect women differently.

For example

1- Women have more chances to die during a usual heart attack than men.

2- Today Women are generally becoming a prey of depression and anxiety issues than that of men.

3- The effects of physically infectious diseases can be more seriously occur in women.

4- Arthritis, muscular pain and swelling mostly affects women more than men.

5- Only Women are likely to have urinary and menstruation related problems.

6- Other disorders and conditions that affect only women including ovarian and cervical cancers are also a big health issues.

Our initiative for women’s health:

We are manufacturing many supportive and beneficial medicines in our Amaria Pharmacy, those are favorable for women’s health. It is better to use those products from which you are personally getting benefits from, rather than generalize over the counter medicine for men and women.

Some of our formulas given below are for growth in female hormone reproduction-

Herbs to build blood:

Anemia is a reason behind blood Deficiency due to monthly blood loss in women. Women get weak due to blood deficiency in menstruation. Our formula for women to build blood and support healthy hormone function is often used for this purpose.

Support the uterus:

Our Unani medicines can also be used to tone and support the uterus issues. We often use lots of herbs like raspberry leaves in our ingredients, for symptoms of congested pelvis, lever problems, and abdominal diseases.

Unani and herbal medications

We makes lots of medicines in Amaria Pharmacy, which specially called the female remedies. We use many important Unani herbs from India that are considered only for female health issues. Amaria Pharmacy products promise to all the women for entire lives to support their overall health.


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