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Professional athletes and injuries

Today sports injuries are really common in sports person and other people who participated in games. Lots of injuries that happen in sports persons known as sports injury can also happen with people who do not take part in sports, as in our daily worker and women in the house have got injuries like ‘tennis elbow’ from daily work, although they never have played tennis. If we participate in any sports activities, there always will be a chance to get injured.

Types of sport injuries

Traumatic and Overuse injuries- If we talk about minor injuries we can use lots of oils and homely products for cure. There are traumatic and overuse injury that caused in during sports activities and in takes place if you do not have a careful exercise and warm-up. Overuse injury may be a result of over-stress. The common symptoms of overuse injury are stiffness, swelling and weakness in affected part of our body.

In these serious injuries we can use UNANI medicines which are provided us by Amaria pharmacy. Amaria pharmacy provides a wide range of products which are useful in common traumatic and overuse injuries. Pharmacy provides a huge range of products for every kind of injury. There are many effective oils for different injuries as in muscles strains, knee’s injury, sore heels injury, fracture and broken bones injuries.

Common reasons to get injured

1- You will get injured if you will not training or playing well.

2- Training or exercising too much.

3- If you are not wearing appropriate security gears.

4- If you are not wearing right footwear.

5- Quick growth during puberty.

Getting back in the game

When you will return back to the game it depends on the type of injury, and what your doctors prescribes to you. If you want to return to the game soon you need to follow the therapy or diet regime what your physiotherapist suggest you. Beside this you will another option to use herbal and UNANI essential oils that are produced by Amaria pharmacy for prevention of aches and injuries.

You can have sports injury anytime or anywhere while working in home and playing games. So for these injuries Amaria pharmacy invented a pain healing formula for vary sports injuries. Sports person who use our products, seems to have recover quickly more than other companies products. Amaria pharmacy has a different and a huge prevention formula behind the production of these kinds of oils for injuries. As some oils have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-analgesic content which means they can surely help in wounds and injuries for reducing pain.

Preventing re-injury

When you overcome from your previous wounds and injuries there may be some chances to get injured again. Then you might need to have additional security equipment’s to protect your previously injured body part. To get rid of chances of re-injury just be calm while doing exercises and practicing games. And always use our essential oil to prevent pain and promote healing.


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