Ambery Hair Oil – Unani Oil for Hair-fall & Dandruff


Ambery hair oil is an herbal hair tonic to nourish scalp and brain. It checks premature growing of hairs and makes the hair longer, softer, charming and smooth. It is made from high quality of natural, essential oil and effective natural elements.


Product Description

The salient features of Ambery Hair Oil are as under:

  • It provides necessary nourishment for the hair to keep them strong, black, and silky and dandruff free.
  • It vitalizes the brain and increase memory, keeps our scalp strong, helps in reduce headaches and help prevent stress.
  • It helps in strengthen the roots of hair and also helps in nourishing the hair-shafts.
  • It protects our hair from the damaging effect of the sun.

How it works?

For such health issues like aging, too much stress, smoking, lack of nutrients, hormonal imbalance, scalp infections, we have invented an effective formula which helps hair to grow very quickly and makes hair healthy and fit, and for such types of hair problems we have organised an excellent formula, as in Ambery hair oil without any side-effect.

Directions for use

For better results warm the oil and apply on different parts of your scalp using your fingers. Massaging in a circular way on your head can help relaxing and enhance energy and circulation.


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