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Polio is also known as poliomyelitis. It is really a contagious disease which is caused by infectious viruses that affects our nervous system. Children younger than 5 years are more likely the prey of this disease than any other age group.

Poliomyelitis is a viral disease that can affect our nerves and can lead to body-infection and paralysis which is often permanent.


Polio-myelitis is mainly caused by viral infection with the polio virus. This contagious virus spread by food and water that has been contaminated from the body waste of infected people. An affected person can pass on the virus to other person even before its symptoms appear. Polio virus enters in the body through the mouth, then it multiplies through throat and intestines and mixes with our blood and invades our nervous system. Mostly this virus attacks to nerve cells and can lead peoples to full or partial body paralysis.

Mainly these are the few symptoms of polio

  1. Slight fewer
  2. Vomiting
  3. Sore throat
  4. Headache
  5. Slight or partial paralysis.

Causes of polio

Polio virus is often transmit from person to another. Polio virus is really contagious because if anyone living with an infected person can also get infected by the disease. Mostly Pregnant women, people with weak immune systems, such as AIDS patients, and young children are the most common prey of polio virus. If you have not been vaccinated before, you may have chances of polio if you are in contact of a polio infectious person or traveling to an area that is already infected from the polio virus. And your chances of getting infectious will increase if you are with someone infected and taking care of someone who is infected with polio.


We have the remedies to prevent the chances of polio in children that affect them from an early age. We need to remind that there is no cure for polio infection virus. If it happens is cannot be cured fully, but if you consider our product Ambery poliomyelitis oil then you will surely get help to prevent the probable chances of infection and paralysis. We focuses in the making of Ambery poliomyelitis oil that it should be effective for the growth of weak body muscles. Some improvement in the symptoms may occur time to time, bur these improvements are not easily predictable and differ from patient to patient.

Prevention with Ambery Poliomyelitis oil

The main target of our product is to improve the chances of recovery in the polio affected person. Our treatment helps minimize the disease chances and prevent the possible health problems while recovery. People need to have a good exercise, proper diet which can help them to stop breathing problems and support in the medication for polio symptoms.

Our oil improves immunization that helps in healing and developing the muscles that was affected before.

As we all know that poliomyelitis in not a treatable disease, yet it is completely curable. Our Ambery poliomyelitis oil’s healing formula provides the most effective form of prevention.










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