Oil Massages are Best for Babies in Strengthen their bones

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It is very common in infants and basically the newborn that have born prematurely have many health problems like jaundice or breathing problems. If your baby born with any health problem or disease, you need to have many options for information and support. Start by consulting about her health issues to doctors. Massage is a good way to show your care for your loved ones. Massage can strengthen your child body and help them to sleep sound.

Massages have many other advantageous aspects for your baby, that including improving weight gain, aiding digestion, blood circulation improvement and relief in toothache.

What is a baby massage?

Baby massage should be gentle, slightly stroking on front or back on your baby’s body with your hands. You can use Amaria pharmacy massage oils or any moisturizer to help your hands to run smoothly over your baby’s skin. As part of your massage routine, you can gently massage on your baby’s ankles, wrists and fingers. Our massage therapy produces good hormones in your baby’s body. Oxytocin is the hormone that gives him that warm and loving feeling when you massage him.

Which massage oil is best for babies?

Mustard oil is preferred for giving massages in cold weather because it warms the body. In other parts of the country, when mustard oil is heated with a few garlic cloves and fenugreek seeds, it creates a composition that has anti-viral and bacteria resistant supplements, and it is boost the children’s immune system. Fenugreek is also helpful in relaxing the body. For preparing the composition, you need to warm the oil. Once the oil is warm enough to touch, and then massage the oil on to the baby’s body.

In different regions of India, mustard oil is tempered with carom seeds. It is believed that this mixture can soothe baby’s lots of health issues. If you don’t want to use mustard oil because of its poor smell, you could try almond oil or olive oil instead of mustard.


What are the benefits of baby massage?

Our study found that massages in the early days could help newborn babies to recover from lots of diseases. You can see that massaging your baby will help your child to grow faster and helps you to feel more responsible as a parent. Massages are used to tone up your children body. It may be a full body massage or partial. There are lots of massages available to improve children’s nerve system, blood circulation and enhance mobility in your children.

For mind and relaxation

This includes different types of massages for our children like herbal oil massage, medicated massage, herbal bath and other type of relaxing treatments. This therapy is effective for increasing the mental strength in our babies. Our essential oil massages keeps body healthy, fit and relaxed.

Usages of Ambery massage oil

Our Ambery lal tel is a massage oil for infants and children. The oil is made from pure and original Unani formulas. Massage oil should be according to children’s soft skin and their body types. Amaria pharmacy developed the idea of this oil for infants and the early age children’s as in 0-5 years old. It is really a tough job for parents to choose baby oil for their loving ones. Parents need to be really protective while choosing the right remedy for the child. That is why Amaria pharmacy tried their best to improve the previous and old formulas of infant oils.

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