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People always dreamed of having long and thick hair. Unfortunately people’s hair only grows about half an inch in a month. So if you want to get lengthy hair, it will take time. But you can speed up the process. If you only could know the right method you can improve your hair. In this article about Amaria Pharmacy products, you will find a complete guide to learn all about the natural ways to make your hair grow faster and longer. Listed below are some natural tips to get faster hair growth.

What to do for beautiful hair?

(1) The natural way to increase hair growth is nourish your body with healthier food. Hair is a part of your body. To make your hair stronger you need to nourish your hair with an absolute effective formula.

(2) Drink lots of water to flush out harmful toxins from your body.

(3) Trim your hair on regular basis to keep them free from split ends, and helps keeping them healthy and gets strong roots. Deep conditioners for your hair and hair masks will keep your hair stronger and get rid of damaged roots.

(4) Do not tie your hair while sleeping, this can cause breakage problem if you make a tight ponytail while sleeping.

(5) Protect your hair from sun, especially in summer. Keep your head covered from sun light while going out.

Natural Essential Oils

Rosemary Essential Oil- For a better hair growth you need to use our rosemary essential oil formula. It stimulates hair growth if combined with almond oil and castor oil. We extracted rosemary essential oil from rosemary herbs, are one of the best essential oil for hair growth and improve blood circulation.

Thyme Essential Oil- From every day works we get dust, sand, fungus and other bacteria that can accumulate on the scalp, they may occur infection in scalp and lead to hair fall problems. We use thyme essential oil in our product because thyme contains antiseptic properties that can eliminate infectious germs and bacteria that cause hair to fallout.

Coconut Essential Oil- Coconut oil is the most powerful oil for hair. Coconut oil is really high in vitamins and nutrients that are healthy for your hair. We use in coconut oil in our essential oils that’s make your hair longer, shiner, thicker and strong roots. Our essential oil has anti-microbial elements that makes your scalp healthier and helps to prevent dandruff and infections.

Avocado Essential Oil- Avocado contains proteins, healthy fats, and vitamin A, D, E. vitamins and proteins of avocado helps nourish your damaged hair and roots. Amino acid in avocado repairs damage that has already been done. Amaria pharmacy uses avocado essential oil which can strengthen roots and make hairs stronger and thick.

Our Essential Oil Formula- Our essential oils for hair can help promotes healthy hair and scalp.

It can improve roots and skin. And create beauty from the inside out. For radiant, healthy looking hair we consider Amaria Pharmacy oils by which your hair can feels grow faster and looks good.

Our hairs problems depends on the conditions that what we eat and drink, and what we use, according to these issues we produces a formula which is based on UNANI herbs and free from synthetic chemical based shampoos, conditioners, gel, etc.

Our natural oils properties will add moisture and shine to your hair, that will help nourish the scalp and helping to reduce dry, rough skin, they will help to get rid of dandruff, and they will get relief faster from scalp problems and increases healthier hair growth all without the use of expensive products or dangerous chemicals.

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