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Hair loss facts:

An average man has 5million hairs. Hair grows all over the body except on our lips, palm and the soles of your feet. It takes about a month of healthy hair to grow half an inches. Everyone’s hair is different, whether it is dry, shiny, going grey and falling hair. We can prevent hair from regular falling through regular shampoo, good nutrition and good hair hygiene.

Causes of hair loss:

There are so many causes of hair loss problems, Hair loss is often caused by genes, and it runs in families. Generally it is not a symptom of disease, however, thyroid disease, anemia, ringworm of the scalp and alopecia can cause hair loss. Some medical conditions such as cancer chemotherapy and baldness may cause temporary hair loss. Hair growth usually returns to their normal condition when the medications completes. In women hair related issues, hormonal imbalance takes place after giving birth or during menopause can cause thinning hair and hair loss.

Hair problems:

For Grey Hair

The massaging of our hair oil over the scalp is really effective in growth and regrowth of hair naturally, and it also useful in growing hair on restricted patches.

For Hair Loss

Normally hair goes through a regular life cycle but a number of diseases can cause the hair to fall out. The main reason behind the hair fall problems can be of different types as in vitamin deficiency, some critical health condition or mental stress.

Hair Treatment:

First, it is important to determine that hair loss is not caused by a medical condition. If that is the case, the medical condition needs to be addressed. If there is no medical problem causing the hair loss, treatment options include medications, surgery, grooming techniques, wigs, and hairpieces. If we consider home remedies for hair loss we will opt out some very effective herbal medicines which are easily available around us for example, different hair oil massage as in coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, mustard oil or others. As in fenugreek, onion juice, aloe Vera, licorice root are really an option in home remedies for your hair loss problems. We let you know that there is a different formula for both men and women hair because their hairs types are also differ from each other. So there should be a different way to treat them. The treatment should be depends upon the causes and diseases. So Amaria Pharmacy products are helping you from a long time to recover your hair problems. And it is better to use Amaria Pharmacy’s natural products for hair fall and hair loss treatments than go in for such costly salon treatments that may not be help you in your problems.

Our Ambery hair oil treatment for Healthy Hair:

It is so natural that every men and women wants healthy, scalp free and good looking hair that is why Amaria Pharmacy presents a rarely effective formula for your hair in your vary needs. The idea of this product is grabbed only according to your hair needs. The formula behind this hair oil is totally natural and produced under a herbal base. Only herbs and Unani formulas of Amaria Pharmacy are used in the composition of Ambery hair oil. This herbal hair tonic and oil prevents your hair from your prolonged roots and scalp problems. And it also prevents hair from premature falling and greying. And basically the formula works also for dandruff problems which are so common nowadays. And it gives you shiny, longer, healthy and growing hair which enhance and rejuvenate your looks and personality.


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