1-In which type of diseases Amaria pharmacy’s essential oils and medicines are useful?

Amaria pharmacy essential oil products are made for all type of pain and injuries like back pain, joints pain, shoulder pain, hair treatment, paralysis, swelling and sprains. We also have rarely effective massage oils. Amaria pharmacy products provide you relief in all these pains and diseases.

2-What are the causes of joints pain?

Joint pain and sprains are so common health issues that mainly caused by our physical activities. Temperature fall is also a main reason for joints pain and sprains. When temperature falls it affects our blood circulation. Certain infections like hepatitis and influenza may cause the probability of severe joint pains.

3-What causes arthritis and backache?

Arthritis is related to inflammation of body joints where our joints meet. It takes place when our immune system attacks the tissues of our body. The injuries in tissues developed as an infection and arthritic pain.

4-Is there any oil available for hair fall and hair loss treatment?

If you really eager to know that how to prevent your hair from hair loss and hair fall, you should use our best UNANI hair oil. Our oil helps you in hair regrowth. Our oils have the power to maintain the original color and roots of your hair.
Amaria pharmacy presents a rarely effective formula for your hair in your vary needs. Our herbal hair tonic and oil prevents your hair from prolonged roots and scalp problems and gives you longer, healthier and shiny hair.

5-Is there any side-effect to Ambery oils and medicines on the skin?

Absolutely not, we have the pure and safest formula of medicines for you. We have the best UNANI and herbal composition in our oils and medicinal products and it has no side-effects at all.

6- Can I get a list of your pharmacy’s products and the prices?

To get details about our products please visit to our product information page on our website. We have provided all the information about products and its price-range on our website-info@amberyoil.com.

7- Is it possible to order your product for doorstep delivery?

You may order your choice of product by make a booking on our website info@amberyoil.com.
A calculated delivery time will be shown to you at the time of your order. After placing the order you will get an email containing the information about your package’s quantity, measurement, price and estimated time to dispatch on your desired location.

8- How can I pay you online for online orders?

You can send us the payment through credit card, debit card and net banking transactions.

9- If I have a product idea so whom should I contact?

You can mail us your product idea on our email address info@amberyoil.com.

10- Whom should I contact for any product-related query or feedback?

You may go to our contact us section on our website for further product related queries and feedback.

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