Essential Oil for Rejuvenating the body

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Essential Oil for Body

The beauty of oils is that they can be used in different ways for treatment of our body, according to our need. Essential oils are really useful in allergies and sleeping diseases and they are the best natural source of therapeutic properties that can rejuvenate our mind and body. Essential oil provides an organic aromatherapy solution that keeps our mind focused and organized throughout the day.

All the healthy, organic solutions of essential oils are really helpful to boost your energy level and help to reducing miscellaneous diseases.

Essential oils are also a great source of increasing energy. They can make you feel more productive and focused in terms of work. Lots of psychological health problems as in stress and depression that causes significance of diseases like fatigue etc. can be cured by the treatment of essential oils.

Unani essential oils and good health are natural companions. The nourishing and refreshing powers of essential oils were discovered by our early civilization a long time ago that we use today.

Essential Oil for Skin

The skin is a main organ of our body. It works as a body armor that protects us from outer skin ageing problems, temperature, skin damages, roughness and bacteria.

With the help of essential oils we recover excess of water loss; oils can insulate the body, regulate body temperature and increases the sense of touch.

Oils for Purifying the Body

If we define purifying the body by essential oils so we will get to know that our body generates a toxic waste, harmful organism and body waste that causes serious health issues. In those problems essential oils can be used as a purifier, and it can be consumed, and can be applied on outer body. To improve the taste of our food we can use essential oils in our diet as a flavoring agent. Different oils fulfill different needs as health, beauty, taste and cooking.

Here are some properties given for best essential oils that we are using in our products.

Essential Oil Properties:

Peppermint Oil

We uses peppermint oil for adding cooling effect in our medicines. In digestion problems our peppermint oil is a useful herb that can help you in congestion and digestive system diseases. Smelling of peppermint oil helps in nasal problems like cough and cold. It also reduce headache.

Lemon Essential Oil

For so many household uses you just need to add some drops of our lemon essential oil with any oil like olive oil, baking soda or with salt and you will get an effective bacteria resistant solution for usage in bad breath and skin roughness.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Our tea tree oil composition is considered as a spectacular essential oil. We use its natural formula for skin cleansing. Tea tree oil produces a rich composition if mixed with any carrier oil as coconut oil etc. few drops of tea tree essential oil is helpful in removing fungus, dandruff and skin warts.

Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano essential oil we use in our products has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Oregano is also used as an anti-oxidant in arthritic pain, sprains and herpes and so many diseases.

Flax-Seed Oil

We used flax-seed oil (linseed oil) in our products for strong, shiny and healthy hair. Our flax-seed essential oil formula helps to prevent hair fall problems and dandruff.
Flax-seed hair oil compositions which we use in our essential oils grow hair and scalp strength.

Coconut Oil

We composed different edible oils in our product that contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and germ-protection properties. We use coconut oil in our medicinal oils properties for heart patients because it controls the level of cholesterol and different kind of acid in our body. We produced essential medicines oils for rich and healthy flavor source for food from coconut oil.

Essential Oil Uses and Benefits:

Our essential oil products are really useful in house hold work like cleansing or furnishing, in spa and relaxation, in skin and beauty remedies, in health remedies and natural medicines. Our medicines that are made for better health and relaxation are also helpful in sleeping problems, stress, and to decrease depression, and immediate relaxation. The medicines for skin and beauty reduce cellulite, works in nausea; it reduced skin ageing, and resolves normal body and skin related diseases.

Our oils for remedies use and natural medicines works in migraine, heal and burns, arthritic relief, can repair broken bones, support digestion and improve concentration.

Essential Oil Quality:

This is the most common scenario you need to learn about essential oils. Most essential oils are made from synthetic composition that is why they are useless and un-reliable if uses on body. Not every essential oil created by an equal and pure composition so they are worthless for your health.

Therefore, while using essential oils make sure that if they are made from pure and certified ingredients as Amaria Pharmacy oils and products and always consider the brand name of our oil that you can trust.

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