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We considers measurement of children health according to the health of a large population of children. Health can be defined as “a state of physical, mental and social well-being in absence of diseases is called a good health”. A proper solution for children’s health problems is prerequisite for participation in everyday activities including their education and for a healthy living.

We focus that how our health systems can affect the health problems that our children experienced. A proper health system provides us an overview according to our children health, and suggests a way to overcome from their health issues.

Family health and children

Family health seems to be children’s health and well-being in the context of the whole family. The health of the family plays a major role in determining the health of each child of the family. This condition does not apply only on children outer body but it also depends upon the mental and emotional health level.

Every parent should profess the idea that every child should grow up in a good household condition, under the care of a pair of loving family who have appropriate parenting skills. Today the divorce, single parenting, and step-parenting are so common in our society. Adoption and foster-parenting are also not uncommon. This type of generation change is not appropriate for children physical and familiar life.

The provision of adequate child care and supervision

In our society the prevention of child abuse and harassment is also a big reason of chronic health issues, and it needs to be openly addressed in front of society. One of the most tragic situations is the physical harassment, injury, emotional damage, or even death that occurs because of someone who killed, burned, hit, or physically assaulted a child.

A healthy diet

A healthy, proper and balanced diet is not just good for kid’s bodies, it is also good for their brain and physical problems too. The appropriate food for your child can improve brain function, memory, blood flow and concentration. Like our body, the brain absorbs nutrition’s from the foods we eat, and lots of other health supplements, medicines and medication program which are available in Amaria pharmacy can help children boost their brainpower and increase health level.


Nutrition and fitness are most important for children’s health. To provide your child a kick-start for a healthy life, consider your children’s sports and other health friendly physical activities. For improving your child’s interest you need to encourage them, with your help they will have more chances to achieve a good health. And consider other household tips for your children’s, such as promoting healthy activity not exercise and setting a good example by doing yourself.

You can also promote your loved ones health by encouraging them to have a different variety of healthy foods and a proper diet supplements. You also need to learn that which nutrient is necessary, in what amount and how it should be given as your child grows older.

Our initiative for Children Health

Today, Pneumonia, Meningitis,Malaria, Dengue and Diarrhea and other vaccine preventable diseases are the prime reasons of child deaths. Amaria pharmacy helps to tackle the barriers such as lack of awareness about children health, and helps to recover the long distances from the health centers and provide an accurate delivery of health services to ensure children to reach a healthy life.


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