Body Ache


Body and Muscle Aches

body aches are also known as muscle pain. Sometime a simply pain occur in the muscles that is called myalgia. Most of the body aches are a lot common. Almost everyone has likely experienced pain in his or her life due to an injury or accident.

We know that every part of our body has muscle tissue, so if a pain occurs it can be felt anywhere practically. According to the medical professionals, when pain occurs somewhere in our body it commonly affects a small number of muscles at a time.

Common Causes of Body Aches:

Often, people who experience muscle aches can easily identify its causes. This is because most of the pain and sprains problems result from having too much stress, tension, or excess physical activity.
There are traumatic and overuse injury that causes different types of body aches in during sports activities and it takes place if you do not have a careful exercise and warm-up.

And overuse injury may be a result of overstress. The common symptoms of overuse injury are stiffness, swelling and weakness in affected part of our body.

Some common causes include:

1- Muscle tension in one or more areas of the body.
2- An excess and overdone physical activity and body building can also be a reason for pain and sprains.
3- Injuring the body part while you busy in physically demanding work or exercise, it causes muscle sprains and strains and that are the injuries that can cause muscle aches and pain.

Most of the muscle and body aches are not related to stress, tension, and physical activity.


Treatment for commonly known aches and pains depends on their underlying causes. If we talk about minor body aches and sprains we can use lots of oils and homely products for cure. For treatment of aches and pains we might be suggested non-steroids pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medicines, warm baths, and massages.

Treatment for Body Aches

Unani cure is one of the most popular household and really cheap prevention systems of medicine.
This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be achieved by removing all the symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of Unani prevention system is not only to treat pain but to remove all their underlying causes which may be occur in future. As far as therapeutic medicines are concerned, several well-proved medicines are available in comparison of Amaria pharmacy products for muscle and body pain treatment that can be selected on the basis of causes, body type, sensation, and excess of the pain, but in these serious injuries we should only use Unani medicines which are provided us by Amaria pharmacy. Amaria pharmacy provides a wide range of products which are useful in common traumatic injuries. Pharmacy provides a huge range of products for every kind of body aches. There are many effective oils for different injuries that causes body aches, muscles strains, muscular pain, sore heels pain, fracture and broken bones aches.


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