Oil for Massages

Massage is a pain healing therapy which helps to remove harmful toxins from our body. Massage can soothe our body muscle aches and sprains, improve relaxation, increase the circulation of blood and encourage the flow of lymphatic acid in body. Massage also has beneficial effects on the skin as well as calming and relaxing the mind.

There are various types of massages but it is really important to choose appropriate massage oil according to your body type. While started using oil for lubrication, the selected oil should also have beneficial for the skin, as well as assisting the massage itself.
While selecting oil for massage, you need to have a special attention about massaging criteria.

But some important things to consider are:

1-The style of massage
If you are massaging then you should prepare your hand and its grip according to the person’s body that is having massage because a wrong way of massaging can cause lots of ache problems in body, so keep in mind an exact amount of slip and grip.

2- The skin type
At the time of massaging its mandatory to remember that the person’s skin is dry or oily, and how hairy their skin are, because people have a different type of skin that absorbs more oil. And please note and keep in mind about person’s sensitivities or allergies if he have.

3- The purpose of the massage
The purpose of massaging is to eliminate friction and get relieved your body from heat. Massages are the nutrients for the body and helps strengthen the nerves. And it is possible by the massages that will improve or enhanced our skin by addition of appropriate essential oils.

Properties of a massage Oil:

Massage oil should have those accurate properties which are suitable for the body type during a massage therapy. Some of these requirements should be met accurate, while others may be depends upon the following needs:-

Oil Density
Massage oil density should not be high. We generally use pure and filtered essential oils.

The oil should have less viscosity. That means the massage oil should flow easily on the skin.
While massaging the body oil should not be stick with your hands.

Purity of the Oil
Most important thing is the quality and purity of oil. Generally filtered oils are better for massaging, because they are more pure and refined.

Our different massage oils:

Oil for baby massage
You can use Amaria Pharmacy moisturizing massage oil to help your hands to run smoothly over your baby’s skin. As part of your massage routine, you can gently massage on your baby’s ankles, wrists and fingers. Your massage therapy can occur healthy hormones in your baby’s body. Oxytocin is the hormone that gives him that warm and loving feeling when you massage him.

Oil for headache
To prevent headaches and help your body to get balanced and stronger, make a routine of daily oil massage of Amaria Pharmacy medicated oil to help improve blood circulation, to boost-up your digestion system and purify the harmful toxins from the tissues and organs.

Oil for diseases
We have the remedies to prevent the chances of polio in children that affect them from an early age. We need to remind that there is no cure for polio infection virus. If it happens is cannot be cured fully, but if you consider our product Ambery poliomyelitis oil then you will surely get help to prevent the probable chances of infection and paralysis.

Oil for body building
The benefits of our oil massages in body-building may increase your potential by increasing performance and helping you reaches your physical potential.

Oil for spa massages
Our spa massage oil therapy has become very popular that helps people to rejuvenate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our essential oils are widely used in spa treatment to refresh your body with vitamins, carbohydrate, anti-oxidants and nutrients.

Oil for hair
If you really want to know that how to prevent your hair from losing and falling, you should use our best Unani hair oil. Our oil helps you in hair regrowth. Our Unani medicated oil has the power to maintain the original color and roots of your hair.

Oil for women
We are manufacturing many supportive and nourishing herbs in our Amaria Pharmacy, those are beneficial for women’s health. Some of our formulas for female hormone reproduction help to increase blood and support the uterus.

We make lots of oil and herbs in Amaria Pharmacy, which specially called as male and female remedies. We use many important Unani herbs from India that are considered only for people health issues. Amaria pharmacy products promise to all the people for whole lives to support their overall health.

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