Is ‘Unani’ safe?

'Unani' means medicines which are a symbol of life. The name is derived from the word 'Ionian' which originated in Greece. Which means the knowledge of health according to human body, in other words, it is a timely tested system of medicines to help and cure humans. Unani medicine, like any other form of medicines, strives to find the best possible cure by which a person can lead a healthy life with zero sickness. In Unani we prescribes medicines, diet, drinks and other health program including guidance to maintain and promotes positive health, as well as the prevention of diseases. The ultimate aim of Unani medication system is to create a healthy society. Unani have rational and basic scientific principles. It is distinct from other branches of natural medications, as the properties we used in it are totally natural and safe. It focuses on retaining natural compounds which belongs to the human body which means it is totally safe to consume.

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General Health

Kidney problems treatments by Unani medicine

Kidneys are one of the most essential parts in our body to survive. They serve lots of work for our body but notably its main purpose is to control urinary function of our body. Kidneys not only work for purifying the blood but also removing wastes, eliminate injurious toxins, help maintaining blood pressure and water balance in the body. It helps regulate metabolic rate and maintain the acid-base balance the body. Our body would be powerless to function at all without our kidney, which is why every tragic ill condition regarding kidneys must be cured as soon as possible. Some other signs and symptoms of kidney failure are inflammation on face and on body parts, nausea and fever which started arising after a weak of kidney infection. Our Unani natural remedies for kidney stones and kidney failure, helps to recover the strength and increase kidney functionality. By using some of our natural medicines you can progressively help terminating the possibilities of kidney transplant and dialysis.

Medicine for infertility treatment in India

Inability to conceiving in women even after years or regular intercourse without using contraceptives is called infertility. It may be a lifelong disease which not only affects the personal life of a men and women but it can ruin their physical and emotional strength too. Experts said that infertility issues are occurred due to physical abnormalities in males and sterility is the reason for females. Lack of quality sperms production is also a major factor behind female and male infertility. Our best Unani medicine for infertility treatment help increases reproductive tissues in both male and female. Our researchers have been working on Unani therapies from long ago and found the fact that these medicines for infertility treatment can amazingly increase the reproductive adequacies in men and women. Our Unani holistic medicine for infertility improves sperm count, semen quality in male and thus improves productiveness in females. Our medicine for infertility treatment can be used at any stage by male and females and it lasts no side-effects.

How to lose weight quickly in Unani

There are many possible reasons that may create problems while being overweight. As in, being fat is the prime reason behind so many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac diseases and so on. Excessive weight is also responsible for reducing your working abilities and affecting mobility.

Being overweight is a quite miserable reason behind depression in men and women and especially in old aged peoples. Our Unani weight loss and slimming therapies are derived from ancient herbal ideology which have been the safest and procure method to lose weight quickly. Beside medicines, having low fat diet, no carb diet and protein diet may also be a good option to maintain your weight.

Amaria Pharmacy is a place for you to getting consultation about weight loss issues, slimming and getting help from healthy and advanced Unani therapies, getting full-fledged treatments with the help of our Unani experts at affordable costs.